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Short History of Religions in Malaysia
The history of established religions in Malaysia started with Buddhism mainly by the Sriwijaya Kingdom, followed by Hinduism mainly by the Majapahit Kingdom and then Islam became dominant mainly during Melaka Sultanate Era.

Of course, these religions were already in Malaysia even before the Sriwijaya Kingdom came into power as the Straits of Malacca was a busy sea route between the East and West. However, religions were not propagated during that time.

When a kingdom took over another, they brought over their religion and spread it to the people. The last religion that Malaya's ruler embraced was Islam, during the Melaka Kingdom era. This is why the Malay people in Malaysia are muslims.

Christianity came when the Portugese came. Then Hinduism returned and other chinese religions came when the Europeans brought in Indian and Chinese labourers to work throughout the whole of Malaya. The British, during their rule in Malaya, allowed every community to practice their own religion. The British even donated lands to each large community in George Town.

As these communities grew, more religious building were built. When Malaya got its independance, there were already many religions being practiced by the different communities. Due to this, there are many temples, mosques and churches in Malaysia. So, Malaysia is now a multi-religious country where everybody is allowed to practice whatever religion or faith he / she likes.

Malacca and Penang has many historical mosques, temples and churches. Kedah had many archaeological sites in Bujang Valley but most were removed from their original sites and some were moved to the Bujang Valley museum area. Kedah is also said to be the first state where religion was well propagated especially during the Sriwijaya Era.

However, there is one exception to this statement because all Malays in Malaysia must embrace Islam as their religion. Also, anybody who married a Malay must renounce his / her religion and embrace Islam as his / her religion.

The aboriginies can embrace any religion they want. Previously, they were animistic people and now some are christians and some are muslim. They are rarely buddhist nor hinduism.

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