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Hill Resorts
A big protion of the Main Range / Titiwangsa Range is in the state of Pahang. Many high mountains in Peninsular Malaysia are located Pahang. The highest in Peninsular Malaysia is Mount Tahan in Taman Negara but national parks must not be developed.

So Pahang made other mountains into hill resorts. The most popular in Malaysia is Genting Highlands. It is just 64 km from Kuala Lumpur. This resort is more of a place for entertainment than for relaxation. Genting Highland's theme is City of Entertainment.

About an hour drive from Genting Highlands is another hill resort called Bukit Tinggi / Berjaya Hills Resort. This resort is a place for relaxation with botanical garden, japanese garden and boutique spa hotel. Tourist can also take a van up from Berjaya Time Square.
Pahang Hill Resorts
Island / Beach Resorts
Pahang has a marine park called Tioman Marine Park. Many islands surrounding Tioman Island are part of this marine park. These islands are Labas, Sepoi, Chebeh, Tulai, Gut, Tokong Bahara, Seri Buat and Sembilang. However, the locals on Tioman Island may call them by different names.

Apart from this marine park, Pahang has some popular beach resorts such as Cherating Beach Resort.

Pahang Beach Resorts
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Places of Interest List
  1. Genting Highlands
  2. Bukit Tinggi / Berjaya Hill
  3. Tioman Marine Park
  4. Kuantan
  5. Tanjung Gemok
Nature Sites
A very big portion of Pahang is covered by forest. The biggest portion of Taman Negara, a national park, is in Pahang covering 2,477 km2 of 4,343 km2. To enter Taman Negara in Pahang, go to either Kuala Tahan entrance or Sungai Relau entrance.

Pahang has another national park called Endau-Rompin National Park. This national park is located on the southern part of Pahang, part of it covering northern Johore.

Pahang has a few forest reserve which is used as a centre for animals. Some examples are

Kuantan has very few places of interest to visit. However, if you want to go to places around Kuantan or other places of interest in Pahang, Kuantan has express bus terminal called Makmur Bus Terminal and local bus terminal to cover Pahang area.

I did not go anywhere in Kuantan because I took it as a stop-over to other places. The only place I went was the Esplanade where locals go fishing and tourist go for cruise to see fireflies. Jetty Shahbandar is located at on end of the Esplanade.

Kuantan has a museum called Tokoh Museum. It is located near the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque. When I went there on one Staurday, it was closed.
About Pahang, 'A Gift of Nature'
Pahang is a state located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its latitute coordinate is about 3o45'N and longitude coordinate is about 102o30'E. Pahang has population of about 1.543 million (2009 estimates) with about 65% Malays, 15% chinese and 4.4% indians. Majority of its people speaks Bahasa Malaysia / Malay language with some speaking English.

Pahang has a land area of 35,964 km2. It is the biggest state in Peninsula Malaysia. The Main Range (Titiwangsa Range) passes through the western side of Pahang. This made Pahang rich in flora, fauna and also natural ecological structures like caves, lakes and rivers.

The jungle consists of tropical rainforest, recreational forest and mangroves forest. The most popular tropical rainforest would be Taman Negara / National Park which is one of Malaysia's national parks. There are natural lakes like Lake Bera and Lake Chini. The rivers are also popular for white-water rafting activities.

Kuantan is the capital of Pahang. It is located around the mouth of Kuantan River facing South China Sea. Due to this, it faces the North-East monsoon from November to March. During this monsoon season, I would recommend you to visit the western side of Pahang that is the hill resorts area.

History of Pahang

Jungle activities like trekking, hiking, caving and camping.

River and lake activities like rafting, canoeing, fishing.

Nature activities like bird watching.

Sports activities like sailing and speed boating.

Cultural activities like giant top (gasing) spinning, Wayang Kulit or Shadow Puppet Play and Silat,

Handicraft work like making of batik and silk, weaving of pandanus leaves and woodcarving.

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