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Heritage / Historical Sites
Perak has a few important 'old towns'. Some of them are Taiping, Pasir Salak, Teluk Intan and Kuala Kangsar.

Taiping has a very big Lake Garden which was established in 1880 and was previously a tin-mining area. The way or road to Maxwell hill, a get-away place for the british when they were here, is nearby Taiping Lake Garden area. Taiping has a museum called Perak Museum which was built in 1883.

Pasir Salak has a a historical complex which pays tribute to Malay warriors and showcase the starting or Malay settlement about 1000 BC to Malaya's Independence. Pasir Salak Historical Complex is the biggest museum building in Perak.

Teluk Intan has a Leaning Tower which was used as a water tank. It also has many pre-war buldings. Another intereting place to visit here is the Teluk Intan Boatyard where you can see the boat building skills of Perak people using Chengal wood.

Kuala Kangsar is the royal town of Perak. It has palaces for the royalties, Royal Museum also known as Istana Kenangan, Ubudiah Mosque and Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery.

Perak Historical Sites
Places of Worship
Perak is a state in Malaysia that has many lime stone mountains and therefore limestone caves. Chinese Malaysians in Perak especially, like to built their temples in caves. A few of such temples in Perak are near Ipoh, the capital city of Perak.

The most famous buddhist temple in Perak is Sam Poh Tong Temple located 5 km south of Ipoh near Mount Rapat. Next to Sam Poh Tong are two other buddhist cave temples, one is Nan Tian Tong Temple and another is Ling Sen Tong Temple.

Another famous buddhist temple in Perak is Perak Tong Temple located ... in Mount Tasek. There is a Thai Buddhist temple about 3 km north of Ipoh called Mekprasit Temple which has a 24-metre long reclining Buddha. Admission is free for all these above mentioned temples. Go between 09:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs should be ok.

As for mosques, the state mosque is located in Ipoh. However, the most famous mosque in Perak, the Ubudiah Mosque is located in Kuala Kangsar, the royal town of Perak. Admission is free for Ubudiah Mosque and it is opened from 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs.
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Places of Interest List
  1. Perak Museum
  2. Maxwell Hill
  3. Istana Kenangan
  4. Ubudiah Mosque
  5. Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh
  6. Taiping Lake Garden
  7. Taiping Zoo and Night Safari
  8. Matang Mangrove Forest
  9. Tempurung Cave
  10. Places in Ipoh
Nature Sites
One of the most important forest reserve in Perak is the Royal Belum Forest Reserve which is located in Belum Valley in Gerik, northern Perak. Permit must be obtained before visiting this place. Near this forest reserve is Lake Temengor where the admission is free.

Human maintained nature park is Taiping Lake Garden. It was previously a tin-mining area. This Lake Garden has Taiping Zoo and Night Safari. The Zoo is opened from 08:30 to 18:00 hrs and the Night Safari from 20:00 to 23:00 hrs. There are admission fees for these two places.

Those who like cooler places can go Maxwell Hill / Bukit Larut which can be reached by hiring a land rover up from Taiping Lake. It has a tulip green house but you have to call them between December to April to see if they are available.

One famous recreational forest is Kuala Sepetang Recreational Forest which is 10 km from Taiping. This place is popular for its charcoal factories which use traditional methods to make charcoal.

As mentioned earlier, Perak has many limestone mountains. Therefore, there are many limestone caves. One famous one in Perak is Tempurung Cave, located near Gopeng, 24 km south of Ipoh. Admission fee is different for different packages. Open from 09:00 hrs. For those going caving into river area, reach there before 12:00 noon for safety purposes.

In the southern side of Perak, there is Felda Residence Hot Spring with swimming pool, therapeutic pool and garden. There is admission fee and opening time is from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs.

There are other nature places where the admission fee is free such as Wildlife Conservation Centre in Sungkai, south of Tapah town and River Terrapin Breeding Centre in Bota Kanan south-west of Batu Gajah town. The opening time is 08:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Perak Nature Sites

About Perak
Perak is a state located south of Penang and Kedah, north of Selangor and west of Pahang. Its latitute coordinate is about 4o45'N and longitude coordinate is about 101o'E. Perak has population of about 2.5 million with 54% Malays, 31% chinese and 13% indians.

Perak has a land area of 21,006 km2. The land is built of built-up of varies geological structure such as granite, limestone. The Main Range (Titiwangsa Range) passes through the eastern side of Perak. This made Perak rich in flora, fauna and also natural ecological structures like caves, lakes and rivers. The jungle consists of Tropical Rainforest, Recreational forest and Mangroves forest. There are natural lakes like Chenderoh Lake and man-made lakes like Temenggor Lake and Bukit Merah Lake. The rivers are also popular for white-water rafting activities.

The capital of Perak is Ipoh. The exhaust emmission of the buses is not dirty. I found the traffic in Ipoh better and less than Penang maybe because the roads are wider and less cars. I think there are less motorbikes in Ipoh too. The express bus terminal is at Medan Gopeng. The KTM railway track passes through Perak from Parit Buntar at the north-west to Tanjung Malim at the south-east. Perak state airport, Sultan Azlan Shah Airport is located at the southern of Ipoh.
Places in Perak
History Of Perak The good written history of Perak started when the British came in. Perak is quite a big state and the history can be seen in a few places.

It is stated that the current Perak Sultanate has its origin from Sultan Muzaffar, the eldest son of the last Sultan of Malacca.Perak faced many foreign treats such as from Archinese in 16th century, Dutch in 1641, Siamese and Bugis before the British took over.

Taiping was called Klian Puah previously. It has its history dated back to the discovery of tin-ore in Perak. Due to tin-mining, many buildings was built and the second Resident of Perak, Sir Hugh Low, built his residence in this town in 1877. As Taiping was a British administrative centre in Perak, many later residents also made this house as their formal residence. The first railway track was built to bring out tin from mining areas near Taiping to Port Weld, Perak.

Teluk Intan was also a British administrative centre but in the southern region of Perak. Therefore, it has many pre-war buildings

Pasir Salak has an important historical value to the Malays because this was the place where the flames of Malay nationalism begun. On 2-Nov-1875, the first British resident, J.W.W.Birch was assasinated by Dato' Maharajalela, Dato' Sagor and Si Puntum.

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