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Popular Buddhist Temples
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  2. Machimmaran Temple (Sitting Buddha)
  3. Pikulthong Temple (Standing Buddha)
  4. Mai Suwankhiri Temple
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Wat Phothivihan, Kelantan, Malaysia
Wat Phothivihan, Kelantan, Malaysia
Wat Phothivihan is one of the most popular buddhist temple in Kelantan as it has a statue of reclining buddha which is the longest in South East Asia, measuring 40 metre long, 11 metre high and 9 metre wide. It was built in 1973 from donations and funds from local Thai community. It was completed in 1979.

The Reclining Buddha statue in placed inside a plain looking shelter where there is no door. Inside the shelter, there are statues of sitting buddhas showing various actions, representing the chinese zodiac signs and some standing buddhas. Also below the platform of the reclining buddha are urns which contain bones of the dead. All these made it looks very much like Wat Chaiyamangkalaram in Penang. However, I am not sure if the sitting and standing buddha statues represent and show the same action as in Wat Chaiyamangkalaram.

Wat Phothivihan is located in a Siamese Malaysian village, called Kampung Jambu in Tumpat, Kelantan. As they are Malaysians of Thai decendants, the celebrate thai festivals such as Songkran Festival, Loy Krathong Festival and Ketik Pasir Festival annually.

This temple is the most difficult one to reach if you are taking a bus. You can take a bus #27 or #19 from Kota Bahru to Simpang Empat before the traffic light. From there, you have to turn left and walk about 4 km.

Songkran Festival is Thailand's traditional New Year's Day which is in the month of April, something like Indian's New Year. It is said to be the hottest time of the year and end of dry season. That is why during this day, the thais will splash water onto each other. Their traditional greetings is 'sawatdi pi mai' meaning 'hello new year'.

Loy Krathong is a float decoration festival celebrated by the thais to thank the Goddess of Water. The traditional Krathong is made of banana stalk slice. However, in the modern days, bread or styroform is used.

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