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  2. Machimmaran Temple (Sitting Buddha)
  3. Pikulthong Temple (Standing Buddha)
  4. Mai Suwankhiri Temple
  5. Cheng Temple

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Wat Pikulthong, Kelantan, Malaysia
Wat Pikulthong, Kelantan, Malaysia
Wat Pikulthong is one popular buddhist temple in Kelantan as it has 3 statues of standing buddha one in front of the other facing the entrance. This temple was built in 1986 and was officially opened in 1996. The highest statue is 49 feet 9 inches high.

Wat Pikulthong has a graveyard area and an elephant shed on one side and a school area which teaches the local thai community on the other side. I heard some school children there speaking a language which I do not understand, maybe Kelantan malay dialect or local thai language.

Wat Pikulthong is situated in Kampung Terbak, Tumpat, Kelantan, going towards Pengkalan Kubur / Pantai Seri Tujuh area. Tourist can take a bus #19 from Kota Bahru which will pass in front of Pikulthong.
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